About Rick and the ATI History

For those who are interested, I prepared a brief history of how ATI came into existence. Here’s our story. FYI, the picture of me and Nancy was taken in the empty room in our house the day ATI was created. The wording on the pat they are holding in the picture says, “An Idea is Born!”…

Assessment Literacy At Work In Hazelwood School District

I recently received a letter from Grayling Tobias, the Superintendent of Hazelwood School District, regarding the improvement he’s seen in his district by adopting our Assessment Literacy principles. I asked him if I could publish his letter, as I feel other school districts would benefit from his experience. He graciously gave his consent. Here is that letter.

After my presentation at MSU in May, I was filmed for a quick sit down to discuss the role of assessment in school.

Michigan State Interview


A Fortunate Man

I saw this video on YouTube a little while ago, and I asked my friend and colleague Ken O’Connor if it would be OK to post it on my site. Not only did he say “yes”, but he sent these kind words to accompany it.

The Emotional Dynamic of Student Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning turns assessment into a teaching and learning process that enhances (instead of merely monitoring) student learning. Extensive research conducted around the world shows that by consistently applying the principles of assessment for learning, we can produce impressive gains in student achievement, especially for struggling learners.