Journey to a New Vision of Excellence in Assessment – Webinar

I did this 1-hour national webinar for Renaissance Learning Corporation out of Wisconsin. In it, I describe a series of assessment transitions currently being made from our troubled accountability testing legacy to a new way of weaving assessment into the school improvement process. Some center of why we assess student learning, while others address what and how we assess. Taken together, they map a a very promising pathway to a far more productive assessment future.

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About Rick Stiggins

Rick Stiggins is retired founder of the Assessment Training Institute, Portland OR, a professional development company devoted to promoting assessment literacy at all levels of education. He holds a PhD in educational measurement from Michigan State (1972) and has served on the faculties of MSU, Minnesota, and Lewis and Clark College. Rick also directed test development at ACT in Iowa City and directed R&D programs at the Northwest Regional Educational Lab in Portland. He has devoted his career to understanding the task demands of classroom assessment and its links to teaching and learning. His professional development programs have helped teachers and school leaders across the continent and around the world face the challenges of assessment with renewed confident and competence.

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