Revolutionize Assessment

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  • Confront the emerging assessment crisis in American education!

    Rick Stiggins details profound changes in the mission of our schools that requires a bold new vision of excellence in assessment. He combines decades of experience with international research to define a vision that uses assessment to supercharge student learning, not merely measure it. This book:

    – Analyzes the motivational psychology of being evaluated in the classroom from the student’s perspective
    – Offers strategies for engaging students in self-assessment in ways that maximize their engagement and confidences as they learn
    – Details the long-missing conditions of classroom assessment literacy that must be in place in local schools

    • "This book is a plea from the heart, from 50+ years of experience, from someone who has immersed himself in the research, the classroom, the professional learning communities and the publication business – and Stiggins sees it all too clearly. It is time to fix the assessment problem. There is more packed into this little treatise than in encyclopedias on this topic. There is passion, wisdom, and a critical message – it is not too late but move soon. A clear blueprint is outlined as to the path to follow."

      – John Hattie, Professor of Educational Research